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Afstemmen op de kosmische stroom.

Afstemming is een bekend begrip in de Yoga filosofie en meditatie. Het werd rond 1920 voor het eerst in de westerse wereld geïntroduceerd door Parmahansa Yogananda. Afstemming betekent gewoon in harmonie brengen. Evenals yoga en meditatie bewerkstelligt ook Tachyon deze harmonie. Het gebruik van getachyoniseerde materialen zorgt voor een grotere en betere toegang tot de universele levensenergie van de Bron; tot het Energetische Continuüm.

Te begrijpen hoe Tachyon de afstemming met de kosmische energie, met "Al Wat Is", ondersteunt vereist enig inzicht in het gegeven dat alles in dit universum van ruimte en tijd bestaat uit energie. De Bron, in de fysica ook wel het Nulpunt Veld genoemd, is dat waaruit alles ontstaat en daardoor "Al Wat Is" in zich heeft. Het Energetische Continuüm is de constante stroom van alle energievormen die vanuit de Bron tot ons komen en die "condenseren" tot steeds lagere frequenties. Dit proces schept de dichte driedimensionale wereld waarin wij leven. Het Nulpunt Veld, de Bron, wordt beschouwd als het beginpunt van het Energetische Continuüm. Het Nulpunt Veld heeft geen directe wisselwerking met onze "langzamer dan het licht" fysieke wereld. Nulpunt is het veld en de Tachyonen zijn de deeltjes die communiceren met de Subtiel Organiserende Energie Velden (SOEV's = Immuunsystemen) die op hun beurt communiceren met ons lichaam.

Tachyon spreekt de blokkades aan in het Energetische Continuüm die de volledige verbinding met de Bron hinderen. Als deze blokkades zijn opgelost hebben we een groter en beter contact met "Al Wat Is" en komen daardoor in harmonie met de kosmische energie.

Een zeer krachtig instrument om dat te bereiken is de Cocoon. De Cocoon bestaat uit een getachyoniseerde band die aan borst en rugzijde over alle chakras loopt, vier getachyoniseerde silica disks (voor handen en voeten) en een getachyoniseerd oogkussen.

Eigen ervaring: De cocoon in combinatie met Multidimensionale muziek van Jacotte Chollet is perfect voor chakra healing.

Effective alternative therapies

In recent years, alternative therapies have become more important since they help us improve several aspects related to general wellbeing. As clever escorts will inform you, these treatments are mainly used to cure diseases, improve our nutrition or to prevent any kind of illness. It is worth to mention that these practices are also employed to unlock and mobilize stagnant energy, since they involve the identification of the real source of the physical problem.

An effective technique that helps to detect illnesses in due time

Quantum magnetic resonance is a high-tech test which is used to measure harmful frequencies in the body, thus performing a complete health assessment. It is a painless and noninvasive technique as intelligent ladies from the Escort Directory at will explain you. It involves many elements of analysis including cardiovascular performance, bone mineral density, levels of lead and sugar on blood, gallbladder function and bone diseases to mention some.

This technique allows the therapist to obtain multiple health indicators in a matter of minutes. It is mainly based on the principle that human body is a set of numerous cells, which are continually developing, dividing, regenerating and dying.

In the process of division and renewal, particles with a charged nucleus and extra-nuclear electrons, basic units of a cell, move endlessly at high speeds, emitting electromagnetic waves uninterruptedly. Such process is detected through signals emitted by human body. Your proficient Amsterdam escort from will inform you that such information reveals the specific health condition of different parts of the organism.

Through an exhaustive analysis of the emanated electromagnetic waves it is possible to determine the health status of the individual.

A specialized machine known as QMR quantum analyzer is employed to assess gathered information. The collected data is compared with standard magnetic resonance spectroscopy of diseases, nutrition, and other indicators incorporated in the instrument as your acquainted Amsterdam escort will tell you. Through the use of the Fourier approximation it is possible to determine if the waveforms are revealing irregularities.

In this way, health problems can be detected on time as well as different proposals of cure or prevention can be defined based on the result of the analysis.

Quantum magnetic resonance is an emerging method of rapid, accurate and non-invasive spectral detection as splendid escorts will inform you. It is particularly useful to compare healing effects produced by different therapies and medicines.

Comprehensive therapies that promote general well-being

Conventional medicine considers disease as something external to the person that produces symptoms that must be controlled. However, alternative therapies emphasize the care of the entire body and not just the warning signs as delightful escorts will tell you. These natural treatments aim to find the real factor that is triggering the physiological problem, since many illnesses emerge as a result of unresolved emotional and mental imbalances.

Once the condition is detected with the assistance of effective techniques like quantum magnetic resonance, the therapist can find the source of the problem and therefore the most suitable treatment.

Many therapists resort to Reiki, a treatment that is exclusively based on the energy emitted by the individual as your beautiful Amsterdam escort will inform you. When the normal flow of such living force is restored, the person experiences a sensation of well-being by recovering balance and harmony at every level.

Complementary medicine and its benefits

Many people do not even know about reflexologists and balneotherapists. These specialists are trained in complementary and alternative medicine and their treatments often surpass the results offered by traditional medicine. Although these types of treatment are still struggling with misconceptions and disbelief, in some countries the complementary medicine increases in popularity and assists a significant percentage of population to get better and improve their overall wellbeing.

Discover complementary medicine

Complementary medicine is the term used when we want to describe additional types of treatment that can be used in the same time or even without traditional medicine and chemotherapy. Back in time, several years ago, complementary medicine was claimed to offer miraculous results in curing cancer. But it sounded like a desperate cry for attention and since then the specialists struggled to bring light over this field.

Some practices recommended as types of complementary medicine include massage therapy, homeopathic medicine, meditation or pastoral counseling, dance therapy and biofield therapies or bioelectromagnetic-based therapies. They can help treating a series of diseases and disorders such as digestive problems, respiratory issues, cardiovascular disease, mental issues and even some forms of cancers. Yet patients should not forget that complementary medicine must be used along with conventional medicine, especially if it is a serious health problem that can develop into a life-threatening condition.

Magnetic resonance is an imaging platform used to provide information regarding the health of the patients who will be scanned. Although it is a painless radiology technique, many patients are forced to reject it because of the negative effects it can have. Yet the doctor must put into balance the advantages and benefits of magnetic resonance and if the benefits are more significant, the patients will be recommended to follow it. They do not have to worry, nor spend their time on Sex Chat. The results of the magnetic resonance will soon appear and the doctor will recommend the best treatment for the health problem diagnosed.

Certain doctors will instruct you to try bioelectromagnetic-based therapies. Magnetic fields, pulsed fields, direct-current fields or alternative-current fields may be used to ensure this type of alternative medicine. The benefits of this method include treating and alleviating problems such as chronic pain, burns, headaches, ulcers, spinal cord injuries, nerve disorders, diabetes, cerebral palsy, asthma, gum infections, arthritis, bronchitis, heart disease and even cancers.

Based on your medical history, symptoms and treatments, our specialists will recommend you the best complementary and alternative medicine for your problem. Whether you need to accomplish pain reduction, cell growth promotion, bone repair, improved blood circulation arthritic relief, improved sleep, sedative effects or increased wound healing, bioelectromagnetic-based therapies will prove to be beneficial for your health condition.

However, our professionals can guide you if you need dance therapy or your body raves for Tachyon energy. You will improve your overall wellbeing, learn to feel good in your own skin and banish the unpleasant symptoms that stay in the way of your happiness. Stay healthy with the complementary medicine techniques promoted in our medical office and feel how your health problems are diminished slowly, but surely!